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3D & AR Ads: A Realistic Preview of the Future

We can almost all agree that 3D and AR technologies are positioning themselves as the new standard in commerce and retail. 3D marketing strategies are helping brands in terms of sales and brand image. Both pioneering companies and small but forward-thinking businesses prefer to take advantage of 3D & AR ads and discover their limits of creativity in multi-dimensional ways.

Where did traditional advertising “go wrong”?

Today, ads are much more than pop-ups that take your time while you are waiting for the new episode of your favorite series or huge blocks that appear when you are in the middle of online shopping. However, still, a quite few of them are memorable. Do you remember any ads you encountered last week? Most of them have the same style, making them far from being unforgettable.

Let’s be honest, most of us give ‘I’m not interested’ feedback to ad posts we come across on Twitter. Or we may even pay extra for some sites to benefit from their ad-blocker feature. We ‘politely’ turn down the hand extended by brands to reach us. Brands want to make a profit and connect with their audience at the same time with their different ad strategies, but sometimes, these moves are nothing but often a waste of time for the customer. But as much as customers will try to avoid them, ads are still at the heart of marketing, especially for growing businesses, and are very important in terms of reaching the correct customer directly.

3D & AR ads online shopping eCommerce AR Commerce augmented reality 3D content branding AR marketing AR & 3D for brands

Google Swirl Ads

3D and AR advertising is the right option for anyone who wants to say ‘I’m here!’ to their customers and go beyond borders with immersive experiences. Using hyper-realistic visuals in the most effective way, 3D and AR are powerful enough to build a trusting relationship between your brand and customers.

Recent 3D & AR ad moves from Twitter and Meta 

Advancements in technology inspire everyone, but the big steps that will lead the future often come first from pioneering companies. Twitter and Meta have recently mentioned their interest in 3D and AR advertising, making all other companies keep up with the latest developments in this area as well. 

If you remember, Twitter’s latest visual storytelling move “Fleets” did not go well and the story adding feature was removed from the platform. This time, Twitter announced that they are testing a new format of interactive ads to boost brand sales. “Product Explorer” ads will showcase your products in 3D within your tweet, allowing users to swipe and rotate the item to experience it from all angles.

3D & AR ads online shopping eCommerce AR Commerce augmented reality 3D content branding AR marketing AR & 3D for brands

Twitter Product Explorer feature

Meta, which has managed to position itself as the flag bearer of the metaverse movement, is allowing brands to upload 3D models of their products to both Facebook and Instagram and turn them into ads with the new integration. Since Meta heavily relies on an ad-revenue model, we believe this gravitation towards 3D content addresses a broader, long-term purpose like building a new revenue stream for the Metaverse in the near future. We will continue to see ads in different virtual worlds, like 3D billboards in VR games.

How did 3D & AR ads make such a splash?

There are a few obvious reasons why 3D and AR ads are getting more attention:

  1. Better Customization, Better Results

We are in an age where we love to feel “special”, and ads that give users a high level of interaction are becoming more important in that sense. One of the sticking features of eCommerce today is making the customer an essential part of the whole process. It is important for brand loyalty that the customer is as much a part of the process as the brand in different steps. Thanks to the high interaction, the positive response rate of the customers’ increases. This gamification factor also fuels the excitement of the users for the product and the brand.

Also, customers can personalize and change products in real-time – right inside the banner ad – with configurable 3D advertising. In this way, you will also provide customers such a unique, entertaining web experience through advertisement.

Gamified Ads

  1. Build trust with meaningful experiences 

3D advertising provides a close-to real-life shopping experience. Customers can view the product from any angle, rotate it, and even make various customizations on it.  Since they can experience the products from all angles, they trust the brand and their purchasing decision even more which results in lower product return rates. 

Aware of these advantages, brands strive to provide their customers with the best possible experience with 3D and AR ads. You can both increase your sales and your website traffic to a level with these new advancements in the advertising sector.

  1. Printed materials are so outdated now 

Distributing flyers outside of your business is almost a thing of the past. Or throwing your advertisements or business cards down on the busiest street of the city is no longer a great option for people to come across you randomly. In addition to being out of date, we can no longer lift our heads from our smart devices even when walking on the street. How would you like to regain our diminished awareness of real life in the virtual world? If your customers spend most of their time in front of a screen, which they are, the best thing you can do is to be in on their screen. 

Besides that, you cannot distribute flyers to every person in a region, but you can come up with 3D ads with high visibility. Many platforms use patented WebGL -based technologies to render 3D content. It works with all computers, browsers, and ad servers, allowing you to distribute these banners to everyone regardless of their location. This will enable you to reach a wider audience through their smartphones or gadgets.

Virtual Try-On ads

How can I join the latest 3D and AR advertising trend?

What we talked about today for Meta and Twitter will spread over to almost all platforms in the near future. You can start your preparations by making your products suitable for 3D & AR displays. AR advertising is profitable and exciting only if your 3D models are of excellent quality. Even if you don’t have 3D models, we can quickly scan your products for you and optimize the files to create immersive experiences.

You can contact ART Labs today to digitize your products at scale and get hyper-realistic models for your whole catalog. When you see the results of 3D & AR ads and how they will become the golden standard in the industry, you will thank yourself for taking that first step.