5 Ways To Become Cupid On Valentine’s Day With AR

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to win the heart of your customers with innovative eCommerce moves. How would you like to increase brand loyalty and become a love brand for this beautiful day? By making the online shopping experience fun and interactive for your customers as they are trying to choose the perfect gift for their beloved ones, you can turn your Valentine’s Day offers into a win-win situation this year. And look no further, AR is the right companion for this.

The concept of Valentine’s Day attracts millions of confused people, who are trying to show their love in the best way. As a brand, it is very easy to turn this confusion into a challenge that both you and your customers can profit from, rather than solely taking advantage of it. Help your customers understand what they really want with the power of AR and become the Cupid of your customers this year.

valentines day AR augmented reality 3D online shopping eCommerce

1. Improve The Customer Experience with AR

Covid-19 has hindered the physical connection between brands and customers. Making the most of this new digital realm, brands have been looking for new ways to bring similar experiences to online shopping with the help of technologies like AR. 

AR applications, which allow us to experience fitting rooms whenever we want wherever we are, can save Valentine’s Day. When it comes to online shopping, we know that the customer base is already picky. It will be the right choice for them to choose the brand that offers the most guaranteed and safest shopping experience.

2. Brands & Social Media: A True Love Story

Is there anything as effective as the visual expression of love? Especially on Valentine’s Day. Campaigns that you run on social media can be a safe way of reaching out to your customers as a traditional marketing strategy. However, the dynamics of social media campaigns are also changing every day. Today, interactive advertisements and campaigns on social media play an important role in customers’ shopping preferences. 

Love-themed heart-filled filters? Conquer hearts by adding AR lenses and face filters to your product marketing strategies, not just on Valentine’s Day. Trying out new strategies and new approaches are always good.

valentines day augmented reality ecommerce AR 3D online shopping

3. Romantic Touches on the Decision-Making Process

While shopping for ourselves is a challenge in itself, choosing something for a loved one can become a nightmare. As such, countless desperate keywords such as “best gift options”, “valentine’s day gifts”, “best gifts for Scorpios” are eroding Google’s search bar. Embedding AR apps that harness the power of visualization in your customers’ desperate moments can make them shop happier and more confident.

At the same time, the negativities encountered in physical shopping are eliminated by the nature of online shopping. Maybe a blue sweater would be more compatible with your lover’s eyes than a black one. Stock problems and other limitations such as color and size can make your decision-making process even more difficult. AR, which has become the gold standard of eCommerce thanks to developments like virtual try-on, will allow you to offer the magic your confused customers are looking for.

AR valentines day augmented reality 3D online shopping eCommerce

4. Product Returns: A Gift-Giving Season Nightmare

Things may not always go the way you want in online shopping. It is very difficult to achieve stability, especially in gift-giving seasons. Choosing something for someone can become a challenge while you are indecisive even with the products you buy for yourself. Brands can struggle with returns too on this special day. Unhappy customers who are not satisfied with their gifts will not hesitate to return them. Boosting your customers’ decision-making process by using AR applications will at least eliminate the major questions such as the actual size, color, texture, etc. 

Quick fact: The online stores that have augmented reality features observed a decrease in product returns by 25% according to the 2021 Snap Consumer AR Global Report.

valentines day augmented reality 3D AR online shopping eCommerce

5. Non-Fungible Love: Give The Gift of Digital Ownership

We mentioned that there is nothing more effective than the visual expression of love. In a world where digital assets are becoming a part of our daily lives and creating new spaces, can “physical gifts” be considered obsolete? It can be a good option to give an unusual gift instead of a cliché bag or watch. The unique and unchangeable nature of NFTs makes them a good gift in this case.

You can turn something special about you, your lover, or your relationship into an NFT, and present that digital ownership as a gift. Who knows, maybe in the near future, it will be possible to send kisses as AR NFTs. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

nft AR 3D valentines day

Self-Love Comes First

Everything starts with loving yourself and your brand. While preparing to play an important role in your customers’ love life saves the day, taking advantage of technologies like AR can increase your sales in the long run. You can contact our professional team to implement new strategies with AR. As ART Labs, we celebrate Valentine’s Day for everyone who carries and spreads love!