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Black Friday: How To Get Augmented Sales with Augmented Reality

Black Friday, a day both customers and brands await with excitement annually, is just around the corner. As every year, customers will try to get the best offers and brands will try to make a profit with various offers and sales strategies.

Shopping marathons like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday cause intense competition between brands and customers alike. Sellers try to convince customers that they are more preferable than their competitors by offering high discount rates. However, in an age where digitalization transforms our shopping habits, having discounts is no longer the only prerequisite for customers.

With the latest innovations and technological developments, brands can both make sales and improve this seasonal shopping experience for their customers. This is where Augmented Reality comes in handy to offer something different and fun.

black friday sales augmented reality AR 3D

The Power of Visual Marketing

It is no surprise that visuality in eCommerce is so important these days. After all, we live in times where people’s attention span is really short. An eye-pleasing digital showcase and product visuals are significant parts of online shopping. They entered our lives long before the pandemic but increased their share within the scope of this period. If you think about it, even when we are shopping online, we are still trying to decide on the products based on their appearance similar to the physical store experience but through a digital interface. 

Especially Gen Y and Gen Z customers, who have a much higher adaptation to the digital age, make their buying decisions according to the product images on brand websites and ads. AR, on the other hand, delivers 2x the levels of visual attention compared to their non-AR equivalent, leading to improved memories and more powerful responses from consumers. So this Black Friday, brands can step up their games with the help of AR and stand out among their rivals especially when they are trying to appeal to younger generations.

black friday sales augmented reality AR 3D

Useless Cheap is Expensive

Unfortunately, these special days do not always have a happy ending. Sales periods like Black Friday can bring big disappointments as well as big hits. Maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing loyalty is as important as making profits in this shopping marathon. 

When a closet that is believed to look perfect in a room doesn’t fit in the space, or when everyone’s favorite shoe doesn’t meet the expectations, the magic of great Black Friday discounts can disappear within seconds.

There are too many misleading parameters in traditional eCommerce caused by 2D images like the actual size, color, and texture. These parameters can cause brands to lose credibility while they are trying to make profits. At this point, instead of using old-school product images or over-promising fancy advertisements, AR solutions can give your customers a better idea about the product features. According to Snap 2021 Consumer AR Research, returns pose a huge problem (around $550 billion), but a 25% decrease in product returns can be observed with the help of AR. Because at the end of the day, augmented reality is as close as it gets to the actual store experience and this is the true power of AR Commerce.

black friday sales 3D AR augmented reality

Social Media Is Your Friend

Today, social media is seen as the main channel that users are most exposed to in terms of product promotions and interactive ads. So much so that users with high followers, called influencers, try the products and share their experiences and guide the purchasing habits of the customers especially during times like Black Friday.

By including AR solutions into your product marketing strategy, you can reach larger audiences. This can be done via influencer marketing or creative face filters & AR lenses. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to social media and if you can manage to come up with a viral Black Friday campaign, your brand will definitely stand out during this highly competitive season.

black friday sales augmented reality 3D AR

Add a Little Fun

In addition to all of these benefits above, you will be offering a fun and memorable experience to your customers. The power of gamification and 3D visualization on consumer psychology is undeniable. Studies suggest that consumers show higher cognitive competence while using AR and you can increase memory encoding by 70% with the help of this technology. As you can see, if you want your Black Friday campaigns to be successful and memorable in the long term, then AR is the way.

black friday sales augmented reality 3D AR

Level Up Your Black Friday Campaigns Today

Customers waiting for this special day have already turned their notifications on to be the first to know about exclusive deals. Brands, on the other hand, have been working on their unique marketing strategies and trying to improve their technical infrastructure to get the best out of the biggest sales frenzy of the year. Soon we will find out the winners of this Black Friday shopping season.

If you haven’t started using augmented reality solutions yet, seasonal sales like Black Friday are a good time for you to take the first step. Increase conversion rates and visibility, decrease product returns. Add fun to your customers’ shopping experience. All can be easily achieved thanks to augmented reality. You can contact our professional team and learn more about integrating AR to your special campaigns and marketing strategies.