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How Virtual Try-On Technology Shapes eCommerce

How can augmented reality and virtual try-on solutions bring brands and customers closer?

Today, the convenience that online shopping provides for customers paves the way for the digitalization of the retail industry. eCommerce has been like an oasis in the desert for the brands during the pandemic. Now, we can say that it has become an essential part of the future of shopping.

According to Statista, eCommerce sales are expected to grow exponentially and reach $5.4 trillion in 2022. However, the shopping habits are also changing at the same time. Digital transformation, which affects consumers’ buying habits, forces both manufacturers and retailers to be more creative in order to compete with each other.

Virtual Try-On Can Level Up Your eCommerce Game

With a lot of competitors out there, customers think twice about the products they buy. Brands should aim to avoid any questions and confusion about the products that may occur during online shopping. Their goal should be reducing the product returns as much as possible by offering a shopping experience that is close to a physical store experience.

Technology can be the right weapon when it comes to the competition, you can always turn things in your favor by keeping up with the latest technological innovations. At this point, augmented reality and virtual try-on technologies can be the perfect solution for brands that want to make a big difference.

virtual try-on augmented reality 3D

Having the chance to experience the product’s features such as size and appearance without having to physically go to the store helps consumers make more pointed decisions. Today, AR solutions are used almost in every subset of eCommerce and minimize the risks of online shopping. Brands should keep in mind that customers do more research on products than before with the age of information.

Let’s take a look at some of the successful use cases of virtual try-on in different industries.


In the fashion industry, the way to the hearts of the customers passes through the fitting rooms. Remember your fitting room adventures: waiting in line for a long time, saying goodbye to a shirt you fell in love with at first sight or giving up on the pants you thought were going to fit (spoiler alert, they didn’t). Thanks to advanced AR solutions, virtual try-on technology allows us to experience these emotional moments wherever we are at any time of the day.

A smart device with a camera is all it takes to start your virtual try-on adventure. With augmented reality, you can “try on” a realistic virtual version of the product through brands’ eCommerce channels or social media accounts, using only your smartphone. This way, you can have a better idea of the product without even trying it.

virtual try-on augmented reality 3D AR

Virtual product try-on solutions provide convenience to customers not only in mobile apps but also in physical store visits. In-store virtual fitting rooms, backed by AI and AR technologies, offer the visuality of the product to customers as a virtual experience in all aspects. Standing in front of a digital screen allows a completely hygienic shopping experience without wasting time putting on and taking off clothes in those small fitting rooms. 

Today, leading brands in the fashion industry such as Timberland, GAP, and H&M give virtual try-on a chance for an enhanced shopping experience. Customers can be transferred to virtual environments through 3D body scanning booths and have an immersive experience with avatars that have the same body types as them.

virtual try-on augmented reality 3D AR


Physical experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry was not very hygienic even before the pandemic. With the convenience of online shopping and increasing health concerns, cosmetics have become one of the building blocks of eCommerce. 

The product features of eCommerce such as size and height leave their place to color match in the cosmetics industry. Although it is supported by visual materials, online cosmetics shopping can turn into a nightmare due to the retouching of photos, ambient light, etc. In addition, the fact that cosmetic products cannot be returned once they are opened due to hygiene rules narrows the range of options for eCommerce customers.

Cosmetic brands, which cannot remain indifferent to all these innovations, bring their customers together with virtual try-on solutions in their mobile applications or social media channels. With these developments, now you can see if a foundation is actually going to match your skin color or what color of eyeshadow is going to pop the color of your eyes. 

virtual try-on augmented reality 3D AR


When we think about the time we spend on our feet, choosing the right shoes becomes one of the most important shopping decisions. In shoe shopping, visuality is a key element like comfort. With the virtual try-on opportunity offered to customers by innovative brands, you can view your favorite shoes 360 degrees on your feet and test whether they fit your style or not. 

Today many big brands are slowly adapting to this new technology and starting to showcase their products in 3D & AR on their websites. As ART Labs, we offer premium try-on solutions for shoes. Just take a look at these examples, and you can see that trying on shoes through the camera can really break your perception of reality.

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Sunglasses & Jewelry

Accessories that complete our style deserve the highest personalized experience. The dream sunglasses that fit your face perfectly or earrings that match your clothes and makeup can change your whole mood. Of course, leaving the whole trial process of online shopping to the imagination of the customer can create great disappointment and an army of unhappy customers who run to initiate the return process. 

The adoption of the virtual try-on by accessory brands opens the door to a mirror-like shopping experience. Plus, seeing the products on you virtually creates a bond between the customer and brand which results in customers desiring the products even more.

The biggest output of this increased customer satisfaction is the decreasing number in product returns. Customers who were assisted with AR not only know what they want exactly but they are also assured of what they are buying. The reduction of uncertainties creates more fun and frictionless buying processes as well.

virtual try-on augmented reality 3D AR

Get Real Results with Virtual Try-On Solutions

Considering the evolution of eCommerce, it seems that in the near future virtual try-on solutions will become a necessity rather than a choice. We offer you the power of AR so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors and strengthen your emotional bond with your customers without having to wait. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can contact our team and start turning this connection between the digital and physical into profit.