Meet artlabs: The Ultimate 3D & AR Platform for Commerce and Metaverse

Meet artlabs: The Ultimate 3D & AR Platform for Commerce and Metaverse
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Who is artlabs: Take a closer look at our 3D & AR solutions 

Until now, we have always mentioned how we provide 3D & AR services for Commerce and Metaverse, but what exactly makes artlabs different? What kind of solutions do we offer to our global clients? As artlabs, we decided to write an explanatory article on our contribution and services to the technology ecosystem with our new branding. Because we position ourselves in a valuable and booster place behind the progressive technologies we have mentioned so far and their future outputs. 

Let’s start with the AR Commerce part first. Here, the ground-breaking experiences that we provide for our eCommerce clients are 3D visualization, augmented reality display, and virtual try-on.

3D Visualization & AR Display

Decisions are always compelling, especially if they include a monetary value. Rest assured, businesses care about their customers making the right decision in their online shopping experience which leads to decreased product returns. Thanks to our 3D product visualizations, it is now possible for customers to view a product from every angle and interact with it in 3D as if it were actually in front of them. Customers can spin, move, and zoom in & out of a 3D product model easily which results in a better understanding of the products and increased conversion rates.


Although it is not a written rule, the best customer is a happy and returning customer. By making the best use of AR, we enhance the shopping experience of customers like they never experienced before. In some cases, brands can achieve much better results than physical interaction at stores with the help of our gamified immersive experiences. Since what we call shopping is like going on an adventure based on needs, usually desires, and excitement, we can say that an innovative and fun approach helps both businesses and customers achieve a win-win situation.

Virtual Try-On

Although businesses offer product return policies for our individual purchases, this process is an annoying problem for customers and a financial burden for businesses. When it comes to taking action for this problem and better explaining your products to your customers, here’s where our virtual try-on technology comes in. Let your customers open their cameras and try on their favorite products whenever and wherever they want. We have already normalized the freedom of shopping on our phones daily, now it’s time to go further and enhance that experience with hyper-realistic, fast, and smooth 3D visualizations. Our virtual try-on technology is trusted by the world’s leading retailers and marketplaces.


We mentioned different artlabs experiences but at this point, you may be wondering: “These all sound great but how does the technology work?” You will find details about “How it works?” in the continuation of the article.

Before we get into the technical details of our solutions, it is important to highlight that artlabs offers a platform-agnostic, end-to-end solution. Whether you are looking to create a digital catalog or augmented product pages for your website and app, we convert your physical products and design files into interactive online experiences that are easily accessible on all platforms and different devices. 


3D Model Generation

.Using existing 3D models: While providing our hyper-realistic visualization services, we automatically transform and optimize your design files. All you have to do is drag and drop your 3D models. We reduce file sizes by up to 95% without loss of quality, making them ready to be a part of the exciting AR adventure.


.Convert physical inventory into ready-to-use 3D & AR visualizations: We make your physical products ready for processing by scanning them wherever they are in the world in order to obtain the most realistic 3D&AR images. Your ready-to-use visuals are imported into the content management system instantly. The quality is assured with our AI-powered software, so you can distribute and publish your assets on all platforms without any friction.

Manage And Deploy Without Coding

In addition to all the possibilities we offer, we provide a no-code integration environment so that you can take full control of your 3D assets. In this way, you can store your 3D models on our servers and focus on the needs of your business without being stuck with the question marks in your mind thanks to the artificial intelligence-supported quality assurance system.

Publish On All Platforms With Ease

We support the concept of decentralization and offer platform-agnostic solutions. Our services are compatible with all eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. Thanks to this flexibility and convenience we offer, you can improve your eCommerce metrics without being stuck in the limits of any technology.


Quality Assurance & Insights

We don't just deliver perfection, we aim for excellence. Publish/unpublish any asset anytime you want. Leave your feedback, sit back, and let us take care of the rest. Enjoy automated quality assurance with Artlabs. Perform A/B tests, view the numbers, and measure your impact.

Isn't It Exciting? Be A Part Of It Today.

While your goal is to make your customers happy, we care about the happiness of everyone our technology touches. To give a chance to the 3D & AR solutions we have explained in detail, contact our professional team today and be a part of everything mentioned.

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