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3D Asset Creation
3D Asset Creation


With artlabs studio, you can easily convert your 2D product images into 3D models that are AR and virtual try-on ready. This solution is ideal for businesses looking to digitize their existing 2D library and product catalogs. Simply upload your image sets to generate your 3D models, sit back, and watch the magic!


In addition to converting 2D images into 3D models, artlabs studio also offers a text-to-3D feature. This allows you to quickly and easily generate 3D models using prompts or text descriptions of the desired model. Unleash your creativity with the power of generative AI.

Once a 3D model is generated, you can use the AR viewer on artlabs studio to review the quality, and then incorporate augmented reality and virtual try-on experiences into your websites or mobile apps by adding the generated QR code. Whether you are a business looking to digitize your product catalogs or a creator looking to showcase your 3D models online, artlabs studio provides an easy and convenient solution.

3D Asset Creation
3D Asset Interoperability
3D Asset Interoperability

3D Model Optimization for Real-Time Rendering

We work with various file formats, all you have to do is to upload your existing 3D models to optimize them while keeping visual fidelity for real-time 3D experiences. Additionally, artlabs studio allows users to upload their models in batches, making it easy to optimize large numbers of 3D models at once. This can be particularly useful for businesses and creators with large libraries of 3D assets that need to be made available for use in different contexts.

Compatibility with Virtual Worlds & Web3 Experiences

Bridge the physical and digital customer experiences with Web3-compatible digital assets. Ensuring the interoperability of 3D models is a significant and known pain point since each virtual world has different requirements like file sizes, formats, and polygon counts. To ensure the usability of models in various virtual worlds, we offer different presets to fine-tune the digital assets so that they are ready to use in different platforms, such as Decentraland, within minutes.

Interoperability features include texture & file compression, converting file formats, rescaling models, and so much more!

3D Asset Interoperability
3D Model Distribution
3D Model Distribution

3D Content Management System

Publishing 3D models online has never been easier. Whether for use in e-commerce stores, VR games, or other applications, artlabs studio makes it easy to distribute and share 3D models online. You can manage and deploy your 3D models, and use them in your own content management system easily without the need for technical/coding skills.

No-Code Integration

artlabs studio provides a convenient and straightforward integration for making 3D models available for use in various contexts, helping users to efficiently and effectively leverage their digital assets in a variety of ways. The integration process is no-code and platform-agnostic, allowing the models to be easily integrated into any platform with a few clicks.

3D Model Distribution

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