4 Benefits of Virtual Try-On for Footwear

4 Benefits of Virtual Try-On for Footwear
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Virtual try-on for footwear provides customers with a more convenient way to conceptualize a pair of shoes and how it would look on them, thereby creating a more immersive shopping experience for online shoppers in the world of fashion.

The number of customers who prefer to shop from home is on the rise, and this is the reason why retailers are looking for creative ways to attract the attention of customers and make the in-store experiences they need to be available online. When shopping for footwear, this is very important. How can you tell a true color or texture of a sneaker without actually touching it? Augmented reality (AR) can come in handy here, both to retailers and consumers, providing them with a virtual try-on of the footwear they would want to purchase. And with artlabs going ahead of the curve to help businesses serve their customers in this way, the whole shopping experience becomes more pleasing.

Virtual try-on for footwear: Why is it important?

Augmented reality is a technology that makes use of equipment to enhance your real-world views with digital content, like a 3D object or a piece of text information. This technology is suitable for almost various devices. You may use it on your tablet, smartphone, or your AR headset. This try-on solution for shoes is a feature that allows our customers to try on any footwear of their choice with the aid of any camera-equipped device. It is a technology that makes use of AR to allow customers to see how their desired footwear looks on them before deciding to purchase it. It helps them make better-informed buying decisions.

artlabs is consistently looking for how to make customers’ online fashion shopping experience more immersive and engaging. That’s why we introduced the ultimate virtual try-on solution for footwear, a very interactive online experience that allows you to visualize how your favorite designer shoes will fit you from the comfort of your home whenever you want.

Give virtual try-on a quick try

Before we dive deep into the solutions, you may want to see VTO in action. 

Simply click here, allow camera access, and try our hyper-realistic virtual try-on solution firsthand. artlabs allows you to share your try-on shopping experience by taking photos inside the experience. Customers can also buy the item using the link provided on the same screen that will take them directly to the product page.

virtual try on for shoesBenefits of virtual try-on for footwear brands

Now, let’s dig into the benefits of virtual try-on in footwear:

1. It Provides Enhanced Conversion

Virtual try-on would enable you to boost your sales and profits by increasing customers’ engagement and confidence. At artlabs, we are working with global brands and retailers, and we saw up to a 71% increase in conversion rates with our virtual try-on technology. Impressive right?

2. It Creates Higher Customers Satisfaction

According to the 2021 Snap Consumer AR Report, 78% of customers prefer 3D experiences on product pages. It is also stated in the same report that people are willing to pay more for the transparency that AR can provide. So why not give your customers what they want? It enables you to satisfy your customers and prospects beyond their expectations by giving them more assurance of how they’d look with the shoes on. This customer satisfaction also leads to increased word-of-marketing and brand loyalty as well. A total win-win situation for both you and your customers. 

3. It Gives A Competitive Edge

Wouldn’t it be nice to lead the way in eCommerce with future-proof 3D & AR experiences? By incorporating our best-in-class, hyper-realistic augmented reality & virtual try-on solutions, you can take advantage of the growing trend of 3D Commerce, increase your conversion rates, and stand out from your competitors. Leverage 3D and augmented reality today and be ready for the future of 3D Commerce. Learn how you can digitize your product catalogs effortlessly to create a future-proof 3D library with artlabs.

artlabs virtual try-on in footwear4. Omnichannel Integration

Our no-code virtual try-on footwear solution can be added to your brand's website, mobile app, or eCommerce store without a platform limitation. This way, you can create a bond between your brand and customers regardless of the channel. Did we mention that it requires no extra load time and you can have your own tailor-made UX? 😎

Extra Benefits For Customers

During the pandemic, many shoppers hesitated to take a trip to brick-and-mortar stores due to fears of catching the virus. Here’s when augmented reality came in. And this is what we are trying to create at artlabs, to make consumers shop from the convenience of their own homes, with access to a larger variety of footwear than a traditional brick-and-mortar store can offer since online shopping has come into play.

But more than a pandemic trend, we are looking to make our customers have a more immersive online shopping experience. The aim is to help customers who see a particular footwear they like and all they have to do is point the camera at their feet, and the AR shoe will come up on the screen of their device. 

Also, remember that customers like to have matching footwear that goes with their outfits. And the advantage virtual try-on is bringing is that customers can try on the shoes with all their clothes in the comfort of their homes. When they visit physical stores, they would only find shoes that match the particular clothing they have on.

artlabs virtual tryon footwearFurthermore, virtual try-on offers customers the possibility of matching shoes with their outfits to see if it fits their style. Consequently, by offering customers this kind of convenience, you significantly boost your website engagement and more importantly, your conversion rates.

Virtual try-on technology is a game-changer in the footwear industry. By providing customers with the ability to see how a shoe will look and fit on their foot before making a purchase, virtual try-on can increase convenience, accuracy, customer engagement, sales, and cost-efficiency for retailers. As this technology continues to evolve and improve, we can expect to see even more benefits in the future with the development of the technologies like full-body virtual try-on.

Leading global footwear brands are using AR virtual try-on, are you?

You may want to try out our leading AR solution for footwear, artlabs is out to empower brands to visualize how the shoes look on your customers before they make the purchase decision. Top brands worldwide have already integrated virtual try-on into their business strategy and seen significant metric improvements.

artlabs can furthermore assist businesses in reaching Omnichannel and boost sales growth. If you are ready to take the next step, you can request a free demo today.

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