What is 3D Product Visualization And Why Is It Important?

What is 3D Product Visualization And Why Is It Important?
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We can explain 3D product visualization in the simplest way as "bringing two-dimensional, static product images into our three-dimensional world". 3D product visualization, which has become the backbone of today's eCommerce activities, provides customers with the most accurate, digital representations of products.

Perhaps one of the most important difficulties of online shopping is trying to perceive a physical product digitally. “Is the color of the product exactly the same as it appears?”, “The dimensions seem ideal, but what if things don't go that way?” and similar questions are the main reasons why most people are afraid of online shopping. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could experience a product in the store with the same comfort and quality in our home? 3D and AR technologies offer us solutions exactly for this problem.

1- What is 3D product visualization?

Although we briefly mentioned it in the introduction, let's take a look at the exact definition of 3D product visualization.

Classical two-dimensional models cannot fully convey the physical properties of the products to the customer. 3D product visualization, which means the creation of 3D models of products, contributes to the strengthening of the bond between the customer and the brands by putting forward a comprehensive visualization. Using 3D models instead of text-based descriptions or classic studio photos allows you to leverage visual content that is both simple and interesting. At this point, we can add that AR has created a self-marketing contribution that creates its own success.

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Today, many brands are turning the advantages of 3D product visualization into profit. Customers who expect personalized, engaging, and effective services get the chance to establish a one-to-one connection with the product. Experiencing demo versions of products in real life in the comfort of the current environment exceeds both business and customer concerns.

2- What are the advantages of 3D visualization?

  • Opportunity to offer personalized experiences

We talked about how important it is to create personal experiences for customers. Many are even willing to pay extra for a premium shopping experience. Thanks to 3D visualization, customers who can view the product details closely can also see the product in question with various details. Imagine viewing a shoe from every angle. It rotates 360 degrees so that you do not have to imagine it. If you want, you can also experience how it will look in different colors with the help of a product configurator. With 3D visualization, customers gain full control over the product.

  • Become a love brand

Customers whose wishes and needs are met leave the store happy, this is also the case in the online shopping world. Even if you implement the world's best design with the world's best material, all your efforts will be in vain if the photos you upload to the internet do not impress the consumer. Moreover, the physical setup for photo shooting you need each time requires large investments that will not appeal to your entire audience at once. Some of your customers may want to see the product in a more cozy environment, while others may dream of an environment intertwined with nature. Letting them place the models wherever they want solves these kinds of issues.

3D product visualization services allow a product to be displayed in different styles and environments. In this way, you can explain your product to your customers much better and shorten their decision-making process during the purchase. After all, most of our achievements in life are based on personal experience, so why not ask for the same in shopping? Customers who shop happily put these brands in a considerable place of their love brand lists.

  • Build trust for your customers

Displaying your product with all its realness is the best proof that you do not want to deceive the other party. Customers who can view products from every angle feel that they have enough information to make the purchase and will not be disappointed. You can increase your sales with 3D visualization, which boosts confidence in both the product and the brand. These trust-building campaigns will keep customers coming back to you for their next purchase.

benefits of 3d product visualization

  • A self-marketing sales experience

The popularity of AR and VR technologies also comes from the excitement created by experiencing high-resolution 3D models in real life. Even when going to the movies, if it is among the options, we choose the one with 3D to fully experience the scenes. 3D is a good way to trick the mind and make us believe we are in a different reality.

As anyone who has been in the online shopping market for a long time knows, 2D images are quite unsuccessful in expressing a product itself, no matter how high quality it is. Realizing a bit late the impact this had on the overall purchasing experience, brands increased their investment in visualization. Today, 3D product visualization can make the customer experience the excitement of going to stores while promoting your product. 3D models of your products can be viewed, shared by your customers on social media, or even become part of a different trend. You don't have to shout "We do 3D product visualization", the technology is already self-explanatory.

  • You can take advantage of AR technology too

It would not be wrong to say that the closest friend of 3D visualization is augmented reality. Working in perfect harmony with each other, these two technologies will revolutionize how customers interact with digital stores. The duo, which shapes new generation shopping habits such as virtual try-on, gamification, and even digital twins, seem to be the cornerstones of future stores. If you already have 3D models, you can easily integrate AR technologies into your system.

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3- Why product visualization is important?

3D product visualization provides a real-time shopping experience, making it easy to highlight all the physical features of a product. The painful adaptation process of both customers and brands to online shopping during the pandemic has enabled us to better understand how to make the most of the technology we have today. Customers want to know more about the product before they make the purchase, and high-resolution hyperrealistic models more than meet this demand.

Moreover, considering the cost of traditional photography, we can say that 3D visualization benefits brands financially as well. While providing enhanced experiences to your customers, you can channel your own budget to another need. It seems that 3D product visualization, which will help you save time and cost, will continue to add a new dimension to shopping along with other technologies. 

The furniture industry utilizes 3D product visualization and augmented reality to revolutionize the way customers experience and interact with their products. By enabling virtual exploration of furniture designs and placement in real-world settings, these technologies empower customers to make informed purchasing decisions, enhance personalization, and minimize the risk of dissatisfaction with their furniture choices. 👉 In this article, you can find out more about "How AR Uses 3D Visualization to Transform Your Home".

Take the important step for your brand

Customers are demanding to see the latest technologies, brands are trying to find the best solutions. 3D product visualization services not only benefit customers but also offer various advantages to businesses. Moreover, going one step further and combining your 3D models with AR will strengthen your place in the market. You can start your research today and contact our professional team.

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