6 Benefits of Augmented Reality Implementation for eCommerce

6 Benefits of Augmented Reality Implementation for eCommerce
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In this blog post, let’s dive deep into the benefits of augmented reality for your online store and how you can leverage this technology to boost your eCommerce performance.

We can all agree that nowadays, product pages and online sales channels are the best way to showcase your product portfolio, and augmented reality is the spotlight that illuminates this brand catalog.

From the very beginning of the shopping journey, brands have always paid attention to visual details such as correct lighting to grab their customers' attention. The increasing rates of online shopping in recent years have cast a shadow over traditional merchandising, paving the way for visualization to be crowned with technology.

Today, augmented reality is everywhere in our lives with its functionality that it almost makes us question the perception of reality we are used to.

Pioneer companies and even a considerable number of small-sized companies are now implementing AR features in their business models to benefit from the various advantages that AR can provide such as increased engagement, conversion rates, and website traffic.

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1. Increase Your Conversion Rates

The ancient habits of trying to experience 2D visuals in our 3D world are long gone. Augmented reality, which helps us to visually put the products in our minds even without having close contact with them, will facilitate the search of your target audience for the best products.

At the same time, it will help them have a pleasant time with gamification and increase their interest through a new virtual experience.

We can say that the ultimate goal of the online shopping experience is to make accurate decisions, especially in products where the 'perfect match moment’ is important, such as clothes, shoes, and furniture.

For example, we try on different shoes we want to buy in a shoe store and watch their stance in front of a mirror. This situation, which is one of the disadvantages of online shopping, is solved by AR technologies.

You can try on any shoe you want from any angle, turn it around, move it, and even customize it by adding small personalized details. Shopping processes supported by augmented reality increase the interaction of customers with the product, allowing them to enjoy a more personalized online shopping experience. And what is the result?

Happy customers, happy brands! Research shows that interacting with AR leads to up to 94% higher conversion rates as individuals can feel more connected to your brand.

“The conversion rates that we’ve seen have surprised us, as a result, we’re doubling-down on AR experiences to drive eCommerce.”

-Robert Triefus, Gucci

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2. Boost The Confidence of Shoppers 

As with any relationship type, trust is the basis of the brand-customer relationship. Ever since Rachel Heller's “Attached” made a huge hit, we've been considering different attachment types in our human relationships. So how do your customers evaluate your attachment style? Are you an avoidant who doesn't get what they want, or anxiety chasing after them with discount coupons? It's time to show them how safe and reliable you are.

While even entering credit card information creates a threshold of insecurity in online sales, you can become a love brand for your customers with your pioneering moves.
56% of shoppers say that additional product information inspires more trust in a given brand. It's not just product quality, but in an age where consumers think at least twice when shopping, augmented reality helps them make better decisions.

3. Reduce The Product Returns

Return processes are a nightmare for both the customer and the brand. According to the 2021 Snap Consumer AR Research, returns are a $550 billion problem. In order to make a move that will please both parties, you can step into the world of benefits offered by augmented reality for your business. 

Fast fashion is now in the dusty pages of history. The slow fashion trend, which requires making more accurate decisions, can be defined as the new behavior of consumers, especially Gen Z.

To put it more clearly, no one wants to keep a pair of trousers or a dress that they wear once a year in their wardrobe as fast fashion is in fact more expensive in the long run.

Augmented reality is a sales strategy that touches the decision process deeply to reduce confusion and subsequent returns. Research has found that this results in a 25% decrease in product returns which leads to a more time-efficient and profitable sales cycle. An undeniably impressive rate, isn't it?

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4. Consumers Want More AR Experiences

We have just mentioned that trust should lie at the heart of the brand-customer relationship, as in every relationship. Again, starting from human relations, customers want to be understood by brands.

Rather than a basic risk-free approach that appeals to the general audience, customized and solution-oriented shopping processes help customers to conclude their experiences with ease leaving them more satisfied after the purchase. 

61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences. In other words, 61 out of every 100 people describe the timeless, spaceless, and boosted shopping experiences offered by AR as successful.

You can also address the needs of the remaining 39 by making use of augmented reality today and also turn them into loyal customers in time as this will be the gold standard of shopping soon.

5. AR Can Be Your Brand Influencer

Everything augmented reality has to offer today yields marketable data. No need for huge advertising budgets or influencer deals, AR even advertises itself. Augmented reality, which enables direct contact with the product instead of costly shots, makes both your brand and your customers a part of the process. When the 'entertainment' factor is included in the process, people tend to prefer the ways they can be involved, not the ones they can follow passively.

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6. Your Brand Is More Likely To Be Considered

Of course, it's not like the “Are you awake? :)” message that suddenly appears in your notifications one night, but it could be something close when it comes to getting the attention of your customers.

According to the 2021 Snap Consumer AR Report, 41% of brands state that providing AR experiences to their customers increases their chances of being considered. In other words, consumers establish deeper bonds with brands that use AR, which revolutionizes their shopping experience, and their preference tends to increase.

Brands that leave deeper traces in the customer's memory become the star option for their next shopping.

In addition, an
Inc. article highlights that nearly 3 in 4 consumers say they are willing to pay more for a product that promises the total transparency that AR can provide. Do we need to say more?

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