Opening the Door to Augmented Reality for eCommerce

Opening the Door to Augmented Reality for eCommerce
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Augmented Reality for eCommerce

'Nothing is more powerful than AR; it is the bridge between the 2D and the 3D world, and we have never had that before' 

Paul McDonagh-Smith, Digital Capability Leader Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ever wonder what the future of Augmented Reality and eCommerce will be like? Even more so, what impact will it have on our daily lives?

Augmented Reality has been growing at a super-fast pace in recent years and provides you the path to engage with your audience in innovative ways. On the other hand, big companies investing heavily and developing important augmented reality technology to improve the user experience.

ar for ecommerce

Augmented Reality (AR) has existed for quite some time now, but what it will look like soon and its heading is exciting!

This technology is going to revolutionize how we interact with the environment. It will turn every device we own into a screen that projects overlaid as real whatever we see through our phones, tablets, and glasses.

According to Snapchat, over 2/3 of consumers in all markets believe AR will be valuable and essential in 5 years. The possibilities are endless when you think about this! That is why I wanted to explain better what Augmented Reality is and where it is heading. We will also look at some of the potential industries that AR can impact with the case studies of artlabs.

artlabs: Brings immersive experiences to improve the quality of people's daily life

artlabs is an augmented reality (AR) focused deep-tech company headquartered in İstanbul, Turkey.

The company was founded in 2019 with the contribution of KWORKS and TÜBİTAK 1512 BiGG, aiming to provide the best user experience for eCommerce stores, restaurants, and various applications using AR technology.

The company's vision is to bring unique experiences to reality through a powerful no-coding AR for creative developers and brands worldwide. The company works with emerging technologies such as AR, AI, and computer vision to make the process frictionless and seamless.

ART Labs is the best ever-lasting company, using its technology to create an experience that will fascinate users. Therefore, it constantly tests and develops new approaches.

One of the latest developments is: the integration of a three-dimensional (3D) model with AR technology. It was done among experienced AR professionals to provide eCommerce companies with a simple and effective tool. The latest technology helps users quickly find information about products they see in stores offline and provides them with the latest online offers.

ART Labs have the expertise to match your business goals perfectly with new and creative augmented reality solutions. Simply put, ART Labs will help you gain significant market share through creative solutions!

ART Labs uses well-defined strategic frameworks to design your augmented reality product and keep in mind that the team uses the composition of technology tools and techniques to create an interactive environment around it.

Customers can access your brand anytime, anywhere through their mobiles, tablets, and desktops with cross-platform compatibility. Art Labs is not only on the web but on all online shops, iOS-Android-Shopify, and soon google ads. Art Labs's plug & play technology and know-how make it very easy for companies to benefit from immersive experiences to boost customer engagement and sales conversions.

ART Labs's professional team works fast to meet the deadlines and create innovative augmented reality models based on your project needs (furniture, fashion, toys, footwear....)

AR Furniture Solution

The 3D eCommerce solution can make online furniture shopping a genuinely futuristic experience. It is more than just a website with nice pictures of sofas and beds, and it’s an immersive experience that gives you the ability to see your sofa in your living room. With AR, you can even interact with it! The process is easy and effortless as well because CAD files and design files can be made ready for AR automatically!

AR Footwear Solution

The footwear industry is one of the most prominent players in terms of the number of sales for the eCommerce business. To keep up with the market competition, it is crucial to create a customizable and intelligently designed footwear website that offers good product views and is fast working online. Now, users can access and experience the shoes in the most immersive way possible.

They are always just a few screens away from the 3D product, exploring it from every angle and putting it next to other items in their environment. Furthermore, using AR technology can even test how your products look on them - in real-life surroundings! So, your customers can try it out before they buy.

AR Fashion Solution

When it comes to 3D fashion, there are two goals: to solve a shopping problem and provide fun. ART Labs exactly do that. Besides, designs drawn with 3D fashion design tools can be used directly and easily.

3D & AR technology allows online fashion shops to offer something that brick-and-mortar shops cannot - the ability to see how a product will look in real life and on your own body. When customers can interact with the fashion items in a realistic environment, they feel more confident making a purchase.

AR Restaurant Menu Solution

Are you hungry? Then ART Labs have an excellent idea for you! Get Diner, which will allow you to view 3D dishes from hundreds of restaurants. You can visualize the 3D models of the dishes on the table – rotate the plate of food and see all its sides.

Zoom in to check the texture and taste it. ART Labs offer you to enjoy famous restaurants' menus. 3D Food Menu gives you an opportunity to see and explore hundreds of dishes and food provided by different restaurants. ART Labs offers a unique experience for the customers: 3D dishes which will help you to decide!

On the other hand, ART Labs offer a complete solution for the food industry: 3D dishes with full integration with the leading food delivery platforms!

AR Toys & Hobby Items Solution

Are you interested in selling your woodcrafts, paper crafts, 3D clock, 3D puzzles, arts and crafts creations online? Are you looking for a reliable solution to build an online 3D shop for your DIY products? When it comes to hobbies and building do-it-yourself products, 3D visualization technology has excellent potential.

That enables you to create immersive, interactive product demos without additional hardware. On the one hand, it allows customers to look at details of actual size details with depth effect. On the other hand, the customer feels a sense of presence while seeing an object on a life-size scale. In addition, they can interact with objects place far away from themselves or change the focus point and see details on any side of the product.

How can I use 3D & AR technologies to increase user engagement and conversion?

You know that augmented reality is the future. And yet, you're still using an old and boring website. Don't you want to catch up on the times? Our services will help you blend stunning and accurate 3D models of your products into your product pages.

More eyeballs will be able to find them to make purchases online vs. traditional stores. It's time to meet the future and leave the past behind as we turn websites into AR experiences!

Have you ever wondered whether it is easy to add 3D visuals and augmented reality to your website? Here are 3 steps to do so:

  1. Login into your new 3D content management system

  2. Connect your store without coding; drag & drop your 3D design files in any format!

  3. Send the given 2 lines of code to your developer with one button

Yes, it is done! Now it is time to improve the user experience for your customers. Don’t miss out on your chance to become the next big player in eCommerce!

Oh one more thing: We will launch a new Shopify AR plug-in shortly. The featured image is taken from a blog post by Shopify. Stay tuned for the news.

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