artlabs Academy 2021 Recap

artlabs Academy 2021 Recap
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8 weeks, 8 keynote speakers, and 30 brilliant students from the top universities in Turkey; what a summer it was! ART Labs Academy has become the perfect summer internship program for college students who are interested in AR, AI, and 3D. 🙌

👨‍🏫 Weekly Training Sessions

When we first announced that ART Labs is looking for passionate university students eager to improve their tech skills and become significant players in the upcoming immersive experience trend, we received over 100 applications in 2 weeks and decided to continue with 30 new team members.

During these 8 weeks, Academy participants attended various workshops and dived deep into topics like photogrammetry, AR marketing, computer vision, 3D reconstruction, and more. At the same time, they formed groups and started to work on their final projects. They gained significant hands-on project development skills.

👩‍💻 Professional Learning Webinars

ART Labs Academy participants also had a chance to learn from industry experts and digital leaders. We had 8 webinar sessions and hosted some of the big names in the industry:

  • Asım Evren Yantaç, Research Group Head & Faculty at Koç University

  • Kaan Akşit, Associate Professor at University College London

  • Mahmut Özdemir, Director at KWORKS

  • Hakan Ürey, Professor at Koç University

  • Pınar Öncü, Co-Founder & COO at GarageATLAS

  • Onur Tuna, Product Manager at Google

  • Muhammet Enginar, Co-Founder & CTO at UserGuiding

  • Şerafettin Yarar, Co-Founder & CTO at GoWit

💯 Final Projects & Demo Day

Last week, we have successfully completed our ART Labs Academy Summer Program with a demo day. 9 groups presented their final projects and shared their key takeaways. We were all amazed by the effort and the outcomes.

After long discussions, our team tried to determine the best project to give the group members their well-deserved prizes. It was really difficult to come up with only 1 winner so we decided to pick multiple winners this year. The categories were Best Project, Second Best Project, Best Learner, and finally Best Performer. All the successful participants also got a certificate of completion that acknowledges their skills and hard work during these 8 weeks.

It was truly the summer of AR and AI, and we can not wait for the next one. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our upcoming internship programs, deadlines, and open job positions. 

 Here's to never stop learning! 🙋

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