How Did Happy Moon's Group Create the Largest AR-Powered QR Menu In the World?

How Did Happy Moon's Group Create the Largest AR-Powered QR Menu In the World?
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How Restaurants Are Infusing Technology into Dining Experience?

Food tech is a new way for the food industry to leverage technology to deliver convenient and fully personalized service. With the help of technology, the food delivery industry has changed its business model dramatically over the last decade while also expanding beyond restaurant delivery services toward a more personalized experience via augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies.

Technology has affected almost every aspect of restaurants and kitchens, including preparation processes, customer relations, and staff management. Also, restaurants can offer a better customer experience with a mobile app and QR menu that allows users to place an order from their phones and get recommendations and access to a loyalty program.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), technology is reshaping the food industry. It also allows for a more sustainable future.

In the 21st century, technology is no longer an option for restaurants; it has become an integral part of operations.

Is In-store Technology the Future of Restaurants?

What is better than getting a bite to eat, even if you are picking up lunch on the go? How about eating your meal with some of the latest technology available?

Every restaurant is unique and, as a result, offers different customer experiences. To give their customers uniquely desirable experiences, restaurants have to consider carefully how they will use technology within their business. In addition, the popularity of technology in restaurants is growing, and for a good reason.

Many different technologies are being utilized in the restaurant industry, but the three biggest (based on their potential for increasing revenue) are Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital QR Menus.

QR menu - Happy Moon

1 - Augmented Reality

AR is quickly becoming the trend of choice among businesses and individuals. This technology has fundamentally altered how we interact with people, brands, foods, products, and most especially each other.

Using AR can help create a more immersive customer experience for restaurants. This is because customers can look closely at all the details of the food before ordering. With AR-enabled smart glasses, customers will be able to see menus and other helpful information right in front of their eyes.

2 - Artificial Intelligence

The secret of Artificial Intelligence in hospitality is that it is a service that can help restaurants respond to the needs of diners before they even finish them. If a particular dish is served, it can be documented and learned to replicate it perfectly or make improvements.

This technology can also tell restaurant owners what types of dishes customers prefer, for instance, if they like a particular flavor or whether they prefer sugar for their coffee.

3 - Digital QR Menu

One of the company's main goals is to give its clients a fast way to receive their food at any restaurant, which is achieved using digital QR code menu technology. In this way, the customer only has to scan the code while ordering.

Besides, if a restaurant wants to update a special, they add the code of the accompanying item, along with its price, and finally click on Save. This means it will be effortless for owners to keep their menus updated in real-time across all channels, but there is no need to install updated menu inserts in diners manually.

How Did Covid-19 Accelerate The Digitalization Of Restaurants?

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation in every industry, including restaurants. Digital transformations planned to take place in the next five years have been beheld in the last year, and it is continuing.

Restaurants that were prone to digital transformation before COVID-19 adopted it more quickly. Have you noticed many more restaurants using QR codes on their menus instead of the standard paper version after the pandemic?

If not, you will be seeing more of them soon. Many restaurant owners are abandoning traditional handheld menus for reasons of safety and cost, and for a good reason — there is no compelling reason to carry around a large, reasonably heavy stack of paper menus.

With digitalization, restaurants, which prioritized their visitors' experience, wanted to support their digital QR menus with different technologies. Here is Turkey's pioneer restaurant which uses Augmented Reality technology in their restaurant menu: Happy Moon's!


How Happy Moon's Created the Biggest AR-Powered QR Menu In the World!

Happy Moon's Group is the first restaurant chain in the world that lets you order a meal from a 3D menu (no glasses needed). Happy Moon's is presenting 170+ 3D visuals of foods and desserts on the Menu! 170+ items are available in 3D, one by one, down to the finest detail. Don't you believe it?

Check out their 3D menu, or you can scan the QR code above. The best way to experience this is by visiting one of Happy Moon's restaurants, indeed. +30,000 people have already experienced 3D Menu +160,000 times in only 1 month!

"Our 3D menu is an interactive solution that adds a new level of engagement to the dining experience in a digital world." says Tuğba Şen Demirci, the Marketing Director.

By implementing the application "3D Menu", Happy Moon's, which has 33 branches across two countries, broke new ground by steering the sector with technology-oriented investments.

The group left behind 22 years of its establishment without interrupting its investment and launched the application "3D Menu" to reopen cafes and restaurants with the newest technologies.

Customers visiting Happy Moon's Cafe can access the 3D Menu by scanning a QR code via their phones. Thus, customers can choose the product they will order by looking at the 3D model or by reflecting the exact size of the product on their tables thanks to the augmented reality technology.

Customers can see the food, dessert, breakfast, or any product they prefer as if they came to the table, and they can look closely at all the details of the product. Thus, they can foresee what size the product will come in and what will be inside. In addition, customers can see the 3D dishes anywhere in the Diner App.

Marketing Director Tuğba Şen Demirci says that 'Our 3D menu is an interactive solution that adds a new level of engagement to the dining experience in a digital world.'

Happy Moon's mainly aims to improve the interaction between customers and merchants through augmented reality technology and believes that it could play a pivotal role in their marketing.

Happy Moon's started to use the Diner Digital QR Menu to make hygiene and experience more effective together by focusing on the needs of its customers during the pandemic period.

It is possible to say that today's trend of digitalization and the Z-generation, who constitute the majority of Happy Moon's customer base, are open to innovations, and their desire to have digital experiences in the brands they prefer, encourages restaurants even more in this regard.

Thus, the Diner 3D QR menu clearly expresses the importance they give to the customer experience. Using augmented reality technology allows customers to choose the product they want without touching the old and traditional hard copy menu.

Via the Diner AR menu, customers do not have difficulty choosing the product, making their choice more conscious and easy, and spending time with their friends at the table while waiting for their order.

Happy Moon's renowned for its high-quality food, Tuğba Şen Demirci says that "If we want to ascertain that we're consistently on top of our game, we need to know what's trending and how other people feel about the work we do."

Happy Moon's has managed to attain critical information through analytical data while staying focused on the most important goal- pleasing its customers. According to the data obtained last month, Happy Moon's menus were viewed +160,000 times in only 1 month during the pandemic! Users spend about 2 minutes at the Menu and decide on their orders.

Considering the trend of the massive conversion rate increase and the fact that this trend is remarkably stable, Happy Moon's will begin implementing their data-driven results on a larger scale across all channels. Happy Moon's helps track customer behavior analytics and customize their menus according to the customer preferences via their Digital 3D Menu

How Can I Integrate Diner AR-Powered QR Menu into my restaurant?

Although the AR menu in a restaurant is a new trend, it is super easy to create a Digital AR Menu for your restaurant. Diner-Dining Assistant is an easy-to-use solution that lets you create a Digital AR Menu your customers can enjoy. Our Mobile App & Web platform powered by ART Labs enables simply creating and managing your 3D Menu.

We provide all the services. Including photo-shooting, creating 3D visuals, printing QR codes, etc. You just have to sit and rest.

After one day, you will have your 3D Menu in your restaurant. What comes next? It is not over!

We create simple yet functional and customizable restaurant management panels.

Our panels support highly advanced features without being too complicated to use and are meant to be customized by our clients as much as possible to fit their needs. If you want a restaurant, which will look great pleasure for the customers, our product is what you need.

On the other hand, whether you plan to run a restaurant on the side to increase your income or start your franchise chain, our product can be a great addition to help you manage it all in one place.

One of the things we provide to our customers is an easy way to update their prices. You can add a product, set the price, and instantly change it during some discount sale!

Have you encountered any problems? Don't worry. We have a customer support team always waiting to help you. You can contact us at any time. The main priority of our company is to facilitate the work of our partners. To do that, we have a special offer for hotels, chains, and big groups.

We provide you with such a level of quality, professionalism, and fastness at that fantastic price. We're delighted to help you, contact us now!

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