3D & AR in Fashion & How To Leverage 3D Visualization

3D & AR in Fashion & How To Leverage 3D Visualization
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Augmented reality technology stands out with the progressive solutions it offers to users in various sectors. High-tech business solutions like AR, which were expected but became a part of our daily lives much faster due to the pandemic, pave the way for new, creative, and convincing moves in the field of eCommerce.

The fact that customers now focus on the experience side of the process rather than only caring about the product features, requires a completely new approach to online showcases and product displays. When this is the case, incorporating technologies such as AR into the fashion industry becomes the expectation of customers rather than a simple preference of companies.

Technologies like
3D product visualization and augmented reality are becoming a gold standard when it comes to shopping online for clothing. The future of digital fashion is here, and there are many ways brands can leverage these new technologies.

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We can say that the fashion industry, which is one of the sectors where visuality is perhaps the most important factor, is evolving to a different level in light of the latest developments. The observable effect of the change created by Industry 4.0 in every field from marketing to manufacturing in the fashion industry is defined as "Fashion 4.0".

Technologies like AR, VR,
virtual try-on, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things, which can be evaluated within the scope of FastTech, seem to lead to radical changes in terms of both applicability and style with the opportunities they offer.

3D Visualization: A Must-Have for Fashion Brands

In a world where we no longer just talk about the metaverse but actually fully experience it, digital clothing can be presented as an alternative to traditional retail products. Social media and sharing addiction cause an uncontrolled increase in textile consumption compared to previous years, especially with the latest “influencer marketing” strategy of big brands.

The impact of the textile industry on the environment has led to the concepts of sustainable fashion and slow fashion in recent years. So why not create a virtual solution for a need arising from our virtual sharing habits? Digital fashion, which has emerged as an alternative to this problem and is growing rapidly, offers people the opportunity to design, buy, and wear digital clothes and share them instantly.

the fabricant rtfkt renaixance digital fashionThe world's first digital fashion house, The Fabricant Studio is an online design studio that allows users to create digital wardrobes. It provides an environment for its users to design clothes and then sell their designs as NFTs. In addition, users will be able to fill their closets in the metaverse with their own designs in the near future.

Augmented Shopping Experience Is Here

The overall customer experience on your website/app is as important as the product purchased or the service provided. Some of the users state that they feel distant from eCommerce applications, on the pretext that it distances them from a real experience. “Engagement marketing” is considered important not only for sales but also for increasing loyalty between the customer and the brand. AR solutions break the barrier of eCommerce by taking the shopping experience from shopping malls and bringing it wherever you are at any time of the day.

Big brands have already started their ventures. Gap, one of the companies that took steps to combine online shopping and augmented reality experience, offers its customers a virtual cabin experience on their smart devices with its application called “DressingRoom”. You can create your customized avatar from your device, and display the clothes you choose in the shop window on your avatar. A digital twin that reflects your measurements will make things clear in your mind before you actually make the purchase.

At the same time, Spanish fashion giant ZARA offered an AR experience through showcases, catwalks, online shopping boxes, and website images in 120 stores worldwide. The fact that such applications make the customer a part of the marketing strategy fosters a sense of belonging while increasing the advertising scope with the inclusion of social media.

Virtual Access to Fashion Shows

Fashion is always open to change and innovation. It promises a bright, different, and fantastic world. One of the things that make this industry so magical is the fashion shows, they open the doors to a different universe by keeping visual harmony at the top level. So what technology is better than AR & VR when it comes to offering immersive virtual experiences? The giants of the fashion industry like Dior and Moschino have already started to organize virtual runways.

Shop While You Play 

How about promoting your new clothing line in a game? Widespread channels such as computer games can be more effective than traditional channels when it comes to marketing your products to younger generations. An example of this experience is the virtual fashion show run in collaboration with the mobile game The Sims and Asos. After the virtual fashion show was displayed on the game, the products were offered for sale on Asos' platforms. Also in collaboration with EA Games and H&M, The Sims 2 Fashion Stuff Pack included a replica of pieces inspired by the H&M summer collection. 

sims asos play and shop.jpg

Prepare Early for The Future of Fashion

As you can see, technological solutions are getting more and more advanced in the fashion industry. Augmented reality and virtual reality started to appear in-store booths, blockchain technology is used to prevent brand and product counterfeits, and manufacturers who want to produce both innovative and sustainable pieces prefer to benefit from 3D modeling.

Especially on the marketing side, having AR solutions on your product page will improve the experience of your customers, strengthen the bond you have established with them and improve your word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

The technology, which also allows for different advertising activities, is waiting for you to discover. And maybe you need a new strategy to increase your sales and conversion rates, who knows? If you want to take action, you can contact our professional team to learn more.

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