The Future Is Here: AR Commerce In 4 Questions

The Future Is Here: AR Commerce In 4 Questions
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A smooth & light-speed transition from eCommerce to AR Commerce with artlabs.

To say that technology is changing the world today is not exactly a correct statement. Technology not only changes the world but also changes the way we perceive the world, and augmented reality plays a big part in this. Today, we can come across the usage of AR in almost every industry, but maybe most importantly, in the eCommerce area.

eCommerce, one of the most important pillars of the late consumption movement, continues to develop with the help of technologies. As artlabs, we proudly provide 3D asset creation, AR display, and virtual try-on solutions to help eCommerce brands make a smooth transition to AR Commerce and help them establish a special bond with their customers.  


We also try to widen the horizons of ourselves, our potential partners, and our curious readers as much as possible in our blog posts. Then how about summing up everything we talked about AR commerce in 4 questions?

1. What is AR Commerce?

One of the biggest advantages of traditional shopping is the one-to-one connection we form with the products. AR commerce strives to bring back this connection with hyper-realistic immersive AR experiences. AR commerce includes the journey of presenting a real-life product to customers by modeling 3D modeling (in accordance with the product’s true size, color, and texture). Or you may already have your 3D design files ready.

With our technology, these digital assets can quickly be viewed in AR just by scanning a QR code on your website or mobile app.

In short, AR commerce is the bridge between the physical and digital shopping experience. The products that have 3D & AR views on their product page get more customer attention than those with 2D static images.

Brands benefit from AR technology not only on product pages but also in every step of the customer journey. It can be used in production facilities or even in the payment step. The possibilities here are endless. It only takes
one step to be a part of this transformation and integrate AR into your business model.

2. How Do Both Customers and Brands Benefit from AR Commerce?

Despite all the technological transformations we are witnessing at the moment, one shopping problem always stays the same: Buying without trying. The concept of "trial", which has existed since the birth of commerce, is the determinant factor of customer decisions. It is seen as indispensable in both traditional and modern shopping experiences. Reasons such as running out of stocks in physical stores or the absence of some products in stores can cause customers to have problems in traditional shopping as well.

In other words, AR commerce not only offers us the shopping practice we are used to, but also helps us achieve a deeper shopping experience by providing a wider range, more options, and availability.

AR commerce lends a helping hand to any brand that falters. Even before the pandemic, online shopping was a great option, but today it has become a necessity rather than an option. The best thing for brands that want the best for themselves and their customers is to offer the same experience 'remote' as in most areas. More and more brands every day are starting to realize that AR Commerce could be more than a “band-aid” to their enhanced shopping experience problems.


3. What Are Some Real-Life Examples?

Today, many big global brands benefit from the blessings of AR Commerce. By doing so, they increase their sales & conversion rates while customers enjoy a fun augmented shopping experience. At the same time, the adoption of AR by large companies sets an important example for small companies to be bold and try new things.

  • One of the biggest brands that come to mind when AR commerce is mentioned is perhaps IKEA. Aiming to make shopping easier for its customers, who measure down to the smallest detail with a meter and paper in hand, IKEA allows you to shop for furniture with AR from wherever you are with the help of its application. All you have to do is enter the IKEA Place app and point your camera to the room you want to decorate.

  • Visuals are essential for child development. Children who grew up with technology today benefit greatly from the opportunities they were born into, one of them being smartphones. Lego wants to bring AR to toys by reviving Lego creations with the Hidden Side AR application.

  • Trying on cosmetics was already difficult before the pandemic with all the testers and sample products. The make-up industry, where details such as color matching are vital, is one of the sectors where AR applications are used most efficiently. L'Oreal Paris, one of the cosmetics giants, offers the opportunity to experience its products with virtual try-on.

  • We all know how important it is to choose the right color for our walls. After all, it even affects our mood during the day. Wrong color choices have a negative impact on decoration, while irreversible mistakes can pave the way for customer dissatisfaction. The international paint brand Dulux, which wants to prevent this, offers its customers a very “colorful” AR app for their living spaces with more than 1200 color options.

4. Why AR Commerce?

Sometimes it's scary to experience new things for the first time and keep up with the latest trends, but surprising results can occur. Taking advantage of AR Commerce solutions in your business increases the satisfaction of your customers and reduces the returns you receive. At the same time, it draws a business image that is more reliable (since we can access the hyper-realistic versions of the products) and more ahead of its time. Consider which one sounds better based on your own experience: a brand that goes into the smallest details like the size chart, actual texture & color of the material, etc., or a brand that settles for a short product description and a couple of visuals. We believe the answer to this question is clear.

Do you want to be among the leading brands that shape eCommerce today? If your answer is yes, contact our professional team today and learn how you can benefit from AR solutions in your business. After getting acquainted with the magical world of augmented reality, you will realize how easy and fun it can be to improve your eCommerce metrics. If you still have further questions about AR Commerce, you can check our free comprehensive guide here: 👉 "AR Commerce: Enhancing the Retail Experience with Augmented Reality"

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