Why The Future of Gaming is in The Metaverse

Why The Future of Gaming is in The Metaverse
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We were searching for the meaning of life since the beginning of our existence, and then one morning, we found ourselves in search of a new life. While the metaverse is transforming every industry with its endless possibilities, the fact that it still does not have a clear-cut definition can make this tidal wave of change seem scary at times. However, the fact that this technology is a moving target and completely open to shaping, increases its applicability. As a result, with the awareness that this new term is here to stay, we are now looking for ways to be a part of the developments instead of being afraid of them. So what will the metaverse, which also gamifies the real world, add to the gaming industry?

The Evolution of Gaming: Past, Present, and Future

For years, game developers have had discussions about what kind of gameplay attracts the most attention. Single-player, multiplayer, story-driven, and arcade-style games are offered to all kinds of game enthusiasts you can think of. This part of the discussion goes back to game development theories and the instinct of sharing our social experiences in the digital world. 

Board games like Scrabble and Monopoly were the star of sleepover nights, but they suddenly moved to mobile devices. We can say that social mobile games have gained a big place in our lives, especially in times when physical contact was minimalized during the pandemic. Although it was a difficult process, the experience of the pandemic has made game developers realize that if there’s anything that people like more than games, it is their friends with whom they play those games. No one wants to play Scrabble alone all of a sudden, but the night can easily change when the box shows up in a friendly environment.

As always, we want more. Fortunately, the blessings of technology (like AR, VR, and the metaverse) are ready to meet our expectations. Instead of creating a new game genre, presenting the existing ones in the most innovative way seems to be the primary focus of game developers at the moment. We have seen virtual weddings, and birthday parties during the pandemic; so playing games on the blockchain might not sound that interesting, but wait until you learn more about gaming in the metaverse! 

3D gaming in the metaverse play to earn P2E

The Metaverse: Is it a game or a much bigger concept?

Blockchain, with its concepts such as NFTs and tokens that introduced the concept of the in-game economy into our lives, had begun to change the gaming world we already had. The concept of the metaverse opens a new chapter for itself in the game world. We can say that players who want to experience the next level of gaming experience are quite enjoying the decentralized entertainment world at the moment.

So what exactly does it mean to experience the “next level”? Technologies, which are the main components of the metaverse, provide users with the highest experience they can have. At the forefront of these technologies, AR and VR build our perception of reality in a new world by creating exciting immersive 3D experiences. Entertaining users by changing the real world or opening the door to a completely different reality, AR and VR create visual elements and characters, allowing users to look at games from a different perspective. So much so that when we talk about the metaverse, we are not talking about a game, but a separate concept. Likewise, the fact that the metaverse, which is often associated with games, connects with almost every sector in some way. It is an output of the bond established by AR and VR technologies with the user. It is where Web3 will happen with the power of real-time rendering.

Show me your avatar and I'll tell you who you are

Maybe the trend of 2052 is not fortune telling or horoscope, but avatar reading, who knows? Our metaverse avatars, which carry the personas to the digital world, give clues about our character. While unique avatars represent us in virtual life, we can say that we somehow managed to copy a part of our personalities into digital life. After all, an avatar in the metaverse lives the way a real person lives in the real world. 

Maybe you remember Bitmoji. We sent messages to each other on Snapchat with our 2D depictions. The descendants of the Bitmojis we created for fun are reaping a new identity for us today. The difference and importance of having an avatar in the metaverse is that our digital identity which can be moved between platforms promises us new worlds to express ourselves in an authentic way. Avatar creation platform Ready Player Me can be integrated into various platforms for game creators. In this way, you can show up as the same avatar instead of creating a separate one from scratch for each platform.

ready player me avatar cross-game

New gaming experiences powered by Blockchain

Blockchain is of great importance for the gaming industry on its own in terms of the interoperability of in-game assets. The game economy, which gives users a purpose as well as a rewarding system, maybe a reflection of the economic aspect of the metaverse. Today, the industry also creates new business areas with tokenization thanks to blockchain technology. (For further information on Play-To-Earn and other models, you can check out our article "X-To-Earn: The New Income Models of Web3".)

Moreover, the metaverse feeds the future of Blockchain with the circulation it creates as well. It is possible to talk about it as a complete win-win situation. The wave created by the gaming industry will set an example for other sectors that will be shaped by the metaverse. We are still at the very beginning of this long transformation journey. 

Get inspired by the latest innovations in the gaming industry

The most important reason why the gaming industry is mentioned so much these days is what it adds to the metaverse, what it will continue to add, and how great of an example it sets for other sectors. Games, which are seen as a smooth transition to the digital world, are our crawling steps toward a digitized future. No matter what industry you work in, if you are inspired by what you’ve read so far, you can take action today for the future of your business. If you are wondering how to achieve that, contact our team for more information.

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