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A Day In The Future With Augmented Reality

We often talk about how concepts such as the metaverse, augmented reality (AR), NFTs, and virtual try-on technology will shape our future lives. These technologies, which will have a revolutionary effect in every aspect of our modern life, may sometimes sound almost like we are talking about a science fiction movie. In this blog post, let’s imagine what a day of a regular person in near future would look like in the light of all these new developments.

It was a regular day in the near future…

She opened her eyes with a dissatisfied expression as the first light of day came through the shutters and hit her face. Still, she wasn’t complaining because she wanted to wake up like that. In a world where everything is mechanized, waking up with the rising sun instead of setting an alarm or commanding a smart home to wake her up has helped her to remember that she was still a human.

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Start Your Day With Augmented Reality

As soon as the radar system of the smart home detected her movement, the underfloor heating started working. At that time she heard mechanical noises from the kitchen, probably the coffee machine must have received the radar system’s notification. “I hope the weather will be like this on the day of the marathon.” she thought to herself. She was looking forward to participating in the annual marathon.

She took the AR glasses on the table, put them on, and quickly switched between the screens to reach the calendar. Yes, there were still 2 weeks until the race day, and she still hadn’t bought the shoes she wanted to wear at this special event. She added shopping to today’s to-do list and headed to the kitchen to get her coffee. While checking the marathon date again, she realized that she had completely forgotten about her meeting, which was about to start in 30 minutes, and made her way to work (her living room). 

augmented reality 3D AR eCommerce metaverse virtual try on

Time To Get Things Done: AR at Workspace

After the Covid-19 pandemic, which she heard from her parents, the workspaces around the world had changed a lot. In-office work first moved to video conferencing platforms, and over time, to customized 3D virtual spaces. Fictional universes, where the real and the virtual are intertwined, were no longer a choice but rather normality of the new modern life.

Supported by AR and VR technologies, these virtual offices were not only limited to working spaces but also provided employees with versatile socialization opportunities. She wore her AR glasses again and smiled brightly as she looked at the holograms of her coworkers, thinking how probably most of them had just gotten out of bed like her.

augmented reality 3D AR metaverse online shopping eCommerce avatar virtual try-on

Say Goodbye To Old, Painful Shopping Experiences

After work, she decided to finally buy a new pair of sneakers for the marathon. The first option was a very classic, grey model that her boyfriend also liked very much. After finding the model on the brand’s website and scanning a small QR code, she held her phone to her feet and the AR model of the shoe appeared instantly. Although she liked the product images at first, after trying them on with virtual try-on technology, she decided they did not actually look good on her. Since she had been looking for shoe models for so long, she was upset that one of the few models she liked did not fit her expectations.

But on the other hand, she was glad that she did not buy it without trying it. These days, she had to work very hard, without this virtual try-on experience, she wouldn’t have time to go out and visit different stores. While she occasionally feels nostalgic about it, she was quite happy to take advantage of the latest developments in eCommerce technology. She decided to try another one, this time her favorite, a bright red model. She turned on the phone’s camera again, held it to her feet. She loved everything about it; the color, texture, patterns… “Thank God we have AR to view the products, how did people buy things online before?” she thought to herself and bought the shoe.

augmented reality 3D AR metaverse online shopping eCommerce avatar virtual try-on

View Your Favourite Dishes In AR Before You Order

After she was done with buying the shoes, she almost felt like a heavyweight had been lifted from her shoulders. Now she could start enjoying the evening, the new episode of her favorite show had already been uploaded. She realized that she was slightly hungry, and without a moment’s hesitation, she rushed to order a pizza, her favorite accompaniment of the TV evenings.

Even though she was giving the same order every time, the ritual of viewing her favorite pizza in 3D through the app amused her every single time. She tapped on the AR button, and the Pizza Margherita appeared on the living room table instantly. She looked through the camera, it was mouth-watering. “I wish I didn’t view it in AR, I’m feeling even more hungry now,” she thought, and quickly placed her order.

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Buy One Get One For Your Avatar

Before she went to sleep, she decided to play her favorite game, trying to survive in a virtual world that was way different from the world she lives in. She realized that she had been neglecting her avatar for quite some time as she was still busy with shopping today. Whenever she bought a product, she would never miss the opportunity to buy the NFT version too so that her avatar can also have the same product. After all, it was herself. Well, at least a digital representation of her.

For her avatar, she also bought a digital twin version of the shoe she bought earlier. She could even view this NFT with AR. She was almost a little jealous that her avatar got to have these shoes without dealing with indecision as she did. After wearing her new shoes a little on the streets of the futuristic metaverse, the screen suddenly turned off with a warning from her smart home. “Just in time,” she grimaced and walked to her room. She opened the curtains slightly so that she could wake up again the next day easier and lay down. How exhausted she was without even leaving the house, that was the future.

augmented reality 3D AR metaverse online shopping eCommerce avatar virtual try-on

The Future Is Here, Are You Ready For It?

Most of us will probably wake up to a day similar to the above in the near future. You can take a step for your brand today to be among those who build the future. Incorporating AR services into your business model can play a significant role in the decision-making process of your confused customers. Do your business and potential customers a favor; contact our professional team today, and get first-mover advantages.