Shopify AR Provides an Excellent Opportunity for Small/Medium Businesses

Shopify AR Provides an Excellent Opportunity for Small/Medium Businesses
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Augmented reality has brought one revolution in the world of shopping and eCommerce. With AR and 3D, brands can showcase their 3D models from all angles and in different environments.

AR can help businesses to boost their services and increase conversion rates. According to FinancesOnline, more than 60% of shoppers prefer using AR, and 46% of shop owners are optimistic about the transition to an AR/ VR resolution.

By integrating AR into marketing campaigns and business processes, brands can stay competitive in a growing online shopping industry

In 2018, Shopify, one of the largest eCommerce platforms, partnered with Apple’s AR Quick Look and built a marketplace to help small businesses create 3D models of their products. Let’s discover what Shopify AR is and how different shops leverage AR and 3D.

What is Shopify AR?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for online stores and a marketplace for plug-ins. Currently, more than 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries use Shopify. It has a wide range of tools for anyone wanting to start an eCommerce business.

Shopify has launched Shopify AR to help businesses create interactive AR experiences for their customers on iOS devices. Shopify AR aims to bring products to life in front of its users.

With web-powered augmented reality and mobile devices, shoppers can easily explore 3D models of products that can be viewed at any scale and from all angles via Safari. This is very accessible as customers do not need to have a separate mobile app or headset.


With the power of AR, customers can understand the accurate scale and appearance of the items and whether it is suitable for their occasion or the environment before their purchase. Shopify AR can also benefit merchants because it can increase conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages. This can increase their brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Which brands use Shopify AR?

Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles was an early adopter of Shopify AR and sold affordable fixed gear bicycles online and through physical retail. Typically, bikes have many moving parts from different manufacturers, and it isn't easy to see them online with images.

However, through augmented reality, customers can zoom in to see the bike parts such as the drivetrain and handlebars without stepping foot into a bike shop.


Although Nomatic’s travel gears can showcase the features inside the bags, customers can also see the 3D version through AR to see zippers and pockets on the outside. Using the smartphone, customers can also compare the 3D model next to real-life objects. For example, you can compare it with your old bag to see if you want to replace it.

Editors Keys

Editors Keys offers shortcut keyboards for video and audio editors and professionals. AR helps customers visualize what an EditorsKeys keyboard would look like on their desks before they purchase. They can even zoom in to read each shortcut key on the 3D model.


Another early adopter of Shopify AR is HORNE, an online-only business. It offers unique and high-end furnishing and home decor items. AR assists in interior design choices, and customers can see how the furniture fits in their space to buy with confidence.

Because customers can visualize the products quickly, this can increase conversion rates and reduce returns. Moreover, AR-ready products make life easier for designers. Accordingly, designers can shoot a link over to their clients, show a product up on their phone, and point it to their room.

Let's boost your sales with Shopify AR and 3D media

Shopify AR provides an accessible tool for brands to create their own AR experiences. It offers an easy way to add AR Quick Look support to their stores.

artlabs will launch a unique Shopify plug-in soon with an AI-powered AR-ready 3D model generation engine. In the meantime, you can explore and reach out to us.

You can utilize the discount before the launch via early access. We will help you leverage 3D & AR in your eCommerce to increase sales while reducing product returns with dramatically less effort.

Oh, one more thing: If you are interested in testing the plug-in and user interface before the launch, please let us know! You can help us create the most frictionless experience for you.

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