3D & AR Shopping Apps & The Future of 3D and AR Advertising

3D & AR Shopping Apps & The Future of 3D and AR Advertising
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How Can 3D and AR Be The Future of Advertising?

3D and AR ads have already started changing traditional advertising. Pioneer companies and even small-sized companies use easily implementable and configurable 3D & AR ads due to their impressive results in increased engagement, website traffic, and conversion.

Before discussing the benefits of using 3D and AR advertising, understanding the effectiveness of advertisements is vital.

Let us explain why:

Advertisement is crucial for growing business, and that’s true. We see millions of ads on different channels during the day.

According to PPC Protect, an average person is exposed to 6000-10000 ads every single day.

Because of the increased number of advertisements, people are losing attention to standard ads. Due to a loss of customer interest in advertising, we can say that businesses can face difficulties.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep customers attention while advertising.

That’s literally a competitive stage.

What I mean by this competitive stage is if you want to engage your customer's attention, you should make your ads more memorable, relevant, and valuable for them.

At that point, 3D and AR advertising are coming to the scene while engaging the audience.

3D and AR Advertising: Overview

3D ads enable users to interact in real time with an image or product. Users can virtually touch, spin, move, and, in some cases, customize a product. This provides an excellent experience for customers when considering interaction and engagement through 3D advertisement.

Google 3D Swirl

Google has already launched a platform for 3D advertising called Google 3D Swirl which is an immersive display format with an interactive 3D model while delivering high impact on brand awareness and purchase intent via an innovative 3D experience.

google swirl 3D ads.jpg

Along with 3D advertisements, augmented reality has penetrated the advertising markets, bringing ads to a whole new stage due to its status as cutting-edge technology. Since it is immersive and interactive, it helps marketers to create a solid emotional connection with customers.

What are the benefits of using 3D & AR advertising?

Considering advertising, creating impactful content is crucial since your marketing campaigns introduce your products. Accordingly, 3D animation helps increase your ads’ by making them more powerful and persuasive.

Here are the six reasons why you should use 3D & AR advertising:

1. Increased Engagement

Customers will enjoy a 3D & AR visualization that provides a more in-depth perspective of a product. They will be pleased by what they see and make a more informed buying decision after seeing the product from all angles, as demonstrated by the 3D model.

2. Increased Conversion Rates

In contrast to the costs of making a 3D commercial, a company's profit would rise if they use 3D & AR advertisements to promote their goods and on their eCommerce website. This is because 3D draws more buyers and helps them make smarter purchasing choices, resulting in them becoming repeat customers.

3. Enhanced Emotional Connection with Customers

One of the benefits of using AR ads is to create strong emotional connections with the audience since they are immersive, despite the traditional advertisements that consist of images or banners.

WWF-Coca-Cola AR Arctic Home Campaign successfully used this emotional attachment. They showed how polar bears’ habitat is getting damaged by climate change. Therefore, the audience can easily empathize with this situation.

wwf coca cola augmented reality AR ad.jpg
4. Increased Website Traffic

Customers who are pleased with their shopping experience are more likely to return to your website. Thus, your website’s traffic will increase, boosting your sales and CTR as well with the help of 3D advertisements.

5. Easy to Implement

Many platforms use patented WebGL-based technologies to render 3D content. It works for all computers, browsers, and ad servers, allowing you to distribute these banners to everyone, wherever. This will enable you to reach a wider audience by browsing your websites using various smartphones or gadgets.

6. Configurable 3D Ads

Customers can personalize and change products in real-time – right inside the banner ad – with configurable 3D advertising. In this way, you will also provide customers with a unique, entertaining web experience through advertisement.

How can I use 3D & AR ads?

As I mentioned above paragraph, Google 3D Swirl lets AR companies engage their customers. And our content management system is compatible with Google ads. So, you can easily create your campaign and increase conversion with an affordable budget through our technology.

If you are ready to step into the world of 3D & AR, feel free to contact our team. We are here to help you! Meanwhile, you can also check our comprehensive 3D eCommerce Guide here.

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