3 Ways QR Codes Can Improve Your eCommerce Performance

3 Ways QR Codes Can Improve Your eCommerce Performance
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Imagine that the whole world is a huge supermarket and everything that belongs to this world is encrypted within a system. Whenever you want to access any information or perform any other action, simply scanning the barcode at the checkout of this “supermarket” is enough. Just like this supermarket metaphor, QR codes can be qualified as multifunctional barcodes that you can assign various roles in this new technology era.

People want to learn as much as possible about the products they are buying at the supermarket, right? The ingredients, size, shape, and color of the product are the determining factors of your purchasing journey. Unfortunately, online shopping applications are not always sufficient to deliver these kinds of data to us.

However, the integrated structure of augmented reality in real-life offers both customers and brands a high-level shopping experience. In fact, there’s a tiny solution that helps us easily achieve this interactive experience on the web: QR codes. But what exactly is a QR code?

Everything you need is “Quick Response”

To put it more technically, a QR code is a two-dimensional barcode system that allows personalized data sharing from various aspects. These barcodes allow you to be easily directed to a website or application after being scanned. As we mentioned in the introduction, their basic logic works like barcodes at supermarkets. The point that distinguishes these close relatives is that standard barcodes can only store information horizontally, whereas QR codes can do this both horizontally and vertically.

Fun Fact: Incorporating the vertical dimension into the work gives QR codes 100 times more information storage space. Worth the effort for an extra dimension, right?

Age of Easy Access to Information

Now, we can find the usage of QR codes everywhere in our daily lives. It is possible to come across these customized digital prints even on the flyer of a newly opened restaurant on your street, on last month’s water bill, or on your favorite breakfast cereal. Just open your camera, hold it to the QR code in front of you, and bam! Accessing information has never been easier.

You can even use these QR codes for accessing your bank account or implement them for transportation to improve passenger satisfaction and boost ticket reservations. The list of QR application areas goes on and on. However, what does it mean for the future of eCommerce?

AR & QR Codes: Union Forces

Now the rise of QR codes intersects with another peak technology: augmented reality, which undertakes the task of integrating the virtual world with the real world. Especially during the pandemic, sectors in which visuality is at the forefront (such as furniture, food, and clothing) have started to give importance to creating a similar in-store experience for their online customers.

It would not be wrong to say that the pandemic period paved the way for technological developments, as it required both curfews and contact-reducing solutions. Many brands achieved this by using AR & QR together on their websites and creating better visuals for their products with WebAR during this period.

So how can you benefit from this technology in your eCommerce business?

Meet the Tiny eCommerce Boosters: QR Codes

  1. Do you want to provide detailed product information in a short and easy way? Insert a QR code.

Today, everyone who is involved with technology is working on how we can integrate digital life into real life. In fact, QR codes are one of the most innovative and easy ways to achieve this. The rapid increase in the use of smart devices and the predictable rise of online shopping make QR codes an important component of product marketing.

You can now show many features in a single camera movement, instead of trying to explain your product in long paragraphs to your potential customers by combining AR and QR. 

Make people view your catalog in 360 degrees and 3D through every browser with the help of QR codes and augmented reality. By doing so, you can deliver the closest in-store visual experience to your customers in the fastest way. Also, AR helps you reduce product returns and increase conversion rates by building a trust relationship between the buyer and the product.

Try It Yourself:

 2. Do you want instant customer feedback? Insert a QR code.

Providing easy access to your customer support and after-sales services improves the bond that customers establish with the brand. At this point, consumers may prefer to contact you directly instead of using different channels and steps. They can easily scan a QR code and access your contact information or be directed to your feedback form within seconds.

3. Do you want to increase your brand awareness and visibility? Insert a QR code.

Although the main focus of sales is the product itself, that is not the only thing customers are interested in. The increasing impact of social media on our lives has made interactive collaborations and creative advertising an important part of the brand identity. By creating QR codes for fun and interesting experiences like mini-games or face filters, customers can feel like they are also involved in the value creation phase. This interaction can easily boost your brand awareness and improve your word-of-mouth marketing strategy significantly. The more you increase your online visibility, the easier it will be for you to market your products online.

Don't Be Late

As you can see there are various benefits of using both AR and QR technologies for your business. At the end of the day, the brands that do things differently in a more creative and innovative way will be preferred and remembered more by the customers.

If you want to learn more about integrating augmented reality on your website with the help of QR codes, you can contact our professional sales team and learn more about our solutions.

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