The Next Big Trend in eCommerce: 3D & Augmented Reality Shopping

The Next Big Trend in eCommerce: 3D & Augmented Reality Shopping
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The integration of 3D content and augmented reality (AR) into eCommerce platforms has become a game-changer in the online shopping experience. With increasing competition and economic challenges faced by businesses, having an edge in creating compelling and cost-effective 3D content is crucial. As artlabs, the ultimate AI-driven no-code platform for 3D asset creation, we are poised to revolutionize the way businesses develop and incorporate 3D content into their eCommerce strategies. 

In this article, we will explore the various aspects of artlabs in the context of 3D content and AR experience creation and explain how we serve as the right solution for the challenges faced by the 3D, AR, and Virtual Try-On (VTO) markets.

What is 3D & Augmented Reality Shopping

3D and AR Commerce is a cutting-edge technology that combines 3D models and Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance the online shopping experience. It allows customers to view products in 3D models and visualize them in their real environment using AR, providing a more immersive and interactive shopping experience.

artlabs virtual tryon footwear

With 3D and AR Commerce, customers can rotate, zoom in, and view products from different angles, providing a better understanding of the product's features, details, and textures. They can also see how the product looks in their real-world environment, which helps them make informed purchase decisions.

Simplifying 3D Content Creation with AI

artlabs eliminates the need for coding or technical skills, making it easy for businesses to develop high-quality 3D models. By leveraging the power of AI, artlabs allows businesses to quickly create and implement engaging 3D content in their eCommerce platforms. Since we offer a platform-agnostic solution, whether you have a mobile app or a Shopify store, the integration is smooth and frictionless in all cases. This improved customer engagement ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and a better return on investment.


Future-proofing Your eCommerce Strategy 

As AI continues to advance and reshape the digital landscape, incorporating platforms like artlabs into your eCommerce strategy will help your business stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging AI-driven 3D generation and no-code platforms, you can continually adapt to changing market conditions and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

artlabs in the Context of Compelling 3D Content for eCommerce

With artlabs, businesses can optimize 3D models for web use, create hyper-realistic product models and AR visualizations, and integrate 3D models into their eCommerce platforms with ease. The platform's innovative features ensure that businesses can deliver immersive and engaging digital experiences to their customers, making artlabs the go-to solution for 3D content creation in eCommerce.

To better understand how artlabs can revolutionize eCommerce with 3D content creation, let's take a look at some statistics from the 2021 Snap Global AR Report to understand why 3D & AR technology is the next big thing in eCommerce:

Benefits of 3D & Augmented Reality Commerce

“75% of the global population will be frequent users by 2025.”

Consumers are redefining the digital experience by using augmented reality. Because, with the help of AR, consumers can customize, see and easily understand the effectiveness of a product from every angle. If the audience gets satisfied with what they see, then AR users will increase day by day.
ar consumer report

“Up to a 94% increase in conversion rates is possible with 3D & AR.”

We can say that the ultimate goal of the online shopping experience is to make accurate decisions, especially in products where the 'perfect match moment’ is important, such as clothes, shoes, and furniture. You can try on any shoe you want from any angle, turn it around, move it, and even customize it by adding small personalized details. Shopping processes supported by augmented reality increase the interaction of customers with the product, allowing them to enjoy a more personalized online shopping experience.

“3 in 4 consumers say that they are willing to pay more if a product detail page is more transparent.”

Consumers establish deeper bonds with brands that use AR, which revolutionizes their shopping experience, and their preference tends to increase. Brands that leave deeper traces in the customer's memory become the star option for their next shopping.

“AR delivers 2x more attention compared to its non-AR equivalent.”

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been shown to be highly effective in capturing user attention. Studies have shown that AR experiences can deliver up to two times more attention compared to non-AR equivalents. This is because AR experiences are more engaging and immersive, allowing users to interact with digital content in a more natural and intuitive way. AR experiences can also help to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, providing users with a seamless and integrated experience. This can be especially effective for marketing campaigns and advertising, where the goal is to capture and hold the attention of the target audience.

ar for footwear

“56% of shoppers say that AR gives them more confidence about the quality of a product.”

While even entering credit card information creates a threshold of insecurity in online sales, you can become a love brand for your customers with your pioneering moves. 56% of shoppers say that additional product information inspires more trust in a given brand. It's not just product quality, but in an age where consumers think at least twice when shopping, augmented reality helps them make better decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step for your business by digitizing your products today. You can request a demo and learn more about how you can leverage 3D & AR for your business.

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